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$250,000 - The DIGIE Pavilion

The El Paso Museum of History is home to the second 3-D Digital Wall of its kind in the world. The first is in Copenhagen, DK. Ours is the first in the United States. That is something for El Paso to be very proud of. The Wall is nicknamed DIGIE. It is an acronym for Digital Information Gateway in El Paso. It is a 35’ long Wall comprised of five giant LED touch-sensitive monitors. It stands more than five feet tall. El Paso is well deserving of this modern technological marvel. It is placed outdoors where everyone passing by, whether walking or driving, can see it. It is enclosed it in the most beautifully designed, open-air facility in downtown El Paso.
Digie is host to thousands of digital images and accompanying text that reveals the many stories of El Paso and the border region. It is the most important piece of technology to ever come to El Paso. It is the Digital Gateway to our history. We want this structure to be named after a community member or business. In perpetuity it will always be referred to as, The “Your Name” Pavilion. This is a fantastic opportunity. 

Additional naming opportunities range from $25,000 to $250,000. Please contact us for information on how you can support the Museum at (915) 212-0320.

Where Your Contribution Dollars Go…

Membership dollars and general donations fund so many museum projects. The tax payers of El Paso graciously affords staff salaries and facility upkeep. The great majority of additional funding comes from grants and contributions from individuals like you. Your contributions provide funding for:
Speaker honorariums, technology upgrades, gallery fabrication materials and opening receptions, marketing, design and printing costs, education and office supplies.

Please contact us for information on how you can support the Museum at (915) 212-0320

Recent Awards
$54,520       Polo Real

$15,000       Curlin Foundation

$10,000       D. Rogers

$10,000       C. Giese

$10,000       B. Wakefield

$5,000         Hoy Fox Automotive

$5,000         F. Gorman

$4,500         Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold

$2,500         Western Refining

$1,000         W. Holmes

$1,000         M. Gorman

$500            Tigua Indian Council

$500            D. Bloedorn


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