Mini DIGIE Travels! Schedule:

1.9.17 to 2.7.17
Canutillo High School
6675 S Desert Blvd, El Paso, TX 79932
(915) 877-7800
Hours: Please Call

2.7.17  to 3.7.17
Harmony Science Center
9405 Betel Dr. El Paso, TX 79907
(915) 407.8267
Hours: Please Call

3.7.17 to 4.4.17
Silva Health Magnet High School
121 Valverde St. El Paso, TX
(915) 236.7600
Hours: Please Call

4.4.17 to 4.27.17
Hornedo Middle School
6101 High Ridge Dr, El Paso, TX 79912
(915) 276.9800
Hours: Please Call

4.28.17 to 5.2.17

5.2.17 to 5.30.17
Lincoln Middle School
500 Mulberry Ave, El Paso, TX 79932
(915) 236.3400
Hours: Please Call

What is DIGIE?

DIGIE stands for Digital Information Gateway in El Paso.

DIGIE is the family friendly name chosen for the 2012 Quality of Life Bond project once referred to as the Digital Wall. It is a vast collection of images and videos (more than 12,000 to-date) exploring El Paso’s past and present including an interactive 3-D CityScape. Digie is presented on five 95” touch-sensitive monitors that interpret our region through time,neighborhoods and themes. It is located at the entrance way to the El Paso Museum of History.



Mini DIGIE is a portable version of DIGIE. It is nearly 7’ long, 6.5’ high and 2.5’ deep. Our goal, as Mini-DIGIE travels around the City of El Paso, is that neighborhoods take the opportunity to upload their family histories into the museum's database so that others around the world will experience El Paso's past and present.  


Philosophy of use:

Locations of Mini DIGIE are chosen by a set criteria. These criteria are:

  • Mini DIGIE can only travel to areas within the City of El Paso, TX.
  • Based on a community's interest.
  • Based on the ability of the sponsoring organization or site to complete the contract to support DIGIE, including providing proof of insurance.
  • The ability to meet housing, security and training for the use of Mini-DIGIE.
  • The ability to track attendance figures and complete evaluations.
  • Easy access to the internet.

These strands are contingent upon transportation and ease of moving and installing Mini-DIGIE. Locations chosen are based on a first come, first served basis. If there are two or more locations that would like it for the same time period we will consider: whether Mini-DIGIE has already been in the location (within the last 6 months), ease of public to get to Mini DIGIE, and purpose; such as educational use.


Would you like to host Mini DIGIE?

Please complete this Mini DIGIE Usage Proposal and return to Ms. Jaime Knoedler, Community Engagement Coordinator at or fax to 915.212.0321. 




Project Title: Translation of Digital Records 

Funding Purpose-Project Description          

To-date more than 12,000 images have been uploaded to DIGIE's database. Approximately 75% of the image titles, locations, and descriptions are in English or have already been translated. With generous contributions from Wells Fargo and WestStar Bank, the museum will begin to translate the English into Spanish.



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