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Embracing our Humanities- A Humanities Texas Lecture

Thursday, Oct 10, 2019 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
El Paso, Texas

Embracing Our Humanities: A Humanities Texas Lecture

Faces and Places Exhibit

"Embracing Our Humanities" is the inaugural event for EPMH's "Faces & Places of the Chihuahuan Desert: A Humanities Texas Lecture Series." Presented in partnership with Humanities Texas, these nine lectures will explore El Paso through the lens of the humanities. Topics range in scope from environmental histories to personal documentaries and everything in between.

In "Embracing Our Humanities: Roundtable on El Paso Art, Writing, and Scholarship," Margaret Nelson Rodriguez (Associate Professor English at El Paso Community College) kicks off the lecture series by leading a panel of local authors, scholars, and artists as they reflect on what the humanities are and what their importance is in the wider world. For example, what does it mean to study the nature of human existence? Why pursue it? How can we take away meaningful applications for our daily lives? Questions and prompts will revolve around the region’s history and identity as well as the role of the humanities (in particular public humanities programming) in the region and in our broader civic life. Together, the speakers will delve into the importance of the humanities in education and civil society and ways in which scholars and artists can emphasize this in their various community roles. Many local residents may not realize the scope and quality of humanities interest and talent within their region. We encourage you to join us and find out!


Margie Nelson Rodríguez, Special Projects Assistant, VP of Instruction and Workforce Education, Associate English Professor at EPCC


Dr. Brian Yothers, Frances Spatz Leighton Endowed Distinguished Professor of English at UTEP

Brian F. Kirby, Associate English Professor at EPCC

Jorge Gomez, 019-2020 Mellon Faculty Fellow of The Humanities Collaborative at EPCC-UTEP, Assistant Professor of English at EPCC

Donna Muñoz, Assistant Professor of English at EPCC

Vanessa Zuniga, Poetry Editor of Literary Journal, "Chrysalis" at EPCC

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