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Bases Loaded- El Paso and Beyond

Thursday, Jul 11, 2019 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
El Paso, Texas

Bases Loaded: El Paso and Beyond

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The exhibit celebrates the local and national history of baseball starting with its pre-Civil War origins to the Chihuahuas arriving in El Paso.

In addition to tracing the evolution of baseball’s legacy as a national pastime, the exhibit also highlights baseball’s intersections with race, like the sport’s role in Mexico and key events in breaking the color barrier. As visitors move through the installation, they are invited to explore how different groups across the United States have shaped baseball’s beginnings, rise, and continued popularity. Interactive displays, like a walkable baseball diamond and Chihuahuas fan photo booth, transform the space into an immersive historical experience. 

Materials for the exhibit have been sourced from across El Paso’s enthusiastic baseball community. Many of the artifacts for Bases Loaded have been provided by Fernando Grado, an El Paso native and baseball enthusiast. His personal collection, which he began in his youth, includes local memorabilia from the Browns and Diablos as well as collectibles from eminent players like Jackie Robinson and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. Also on display are items borrowed from the El Paso Chihuahuas’ own archive.

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