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Current Exhibits

EPCC: Honoring the Past, Building the Future Exhibition
April 18, 2019 to September 29, 2019

EPCC exhibit

This commemorative exhibition celebrates EPCC's 50th Anniversary and history of providing high quality, affordable education that has transformed our region. Come visit us to learn more about the El Paso Community College and its impact on our community. 

On Location: Making Movies in the Borderland
July 20 to October 28, 2018

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What We Brought

What we brought

The El Paso Museum of History tells the story of our region, but many of the artifacts in its collection did not originate from this area. Instead, these items reflect the background of the individuals who choose to move to El Paso.

What We Brought is an artifact rich, hands-on exhibit that explores the process of how people select items to bring with them when they move. It asks the visitor to reflect on:

* How people and goods were transported to our region
* What was essential for the trip
* What was useful or nice to have
* What had to be brought for sentimental reasons
* What was of interest to folks who just passed through El Paso

The exhibit includes a street map puzzle, trunk, and saddlebags ready to pack. Come on in and share with us the story of how you came to be in El Paso!

From Fire and Earth: Pottery traditions of the Casas Grandes Medio period.

Friday, Feb 22, 2019 - Sunday, Sep 22, 2019

From Fire and Earth

The El Paso Museum of History and El Paso Museum of Archaeology are proud to present this exhibition of Casas Grandes ceramics that flourished during their Medio Period (AD 1200 – 1450) in the northwest corner of modern-day Chihuahua, Mexico. Pottery, as perhaps no other medium, reflects the culture of its maker. This exhibition shows the art expressions of the Casas Grandes people who would become prolific potters producing some of the finest pottery of the Pre-Columbian world. The Mata Ortiz pottery that we know today is one of the richest and most diverse pottery producing regions in the world.

This ceramic revival has spurred national and international interest in the Casas Grandes region over the past few decades, as well as rekindled in the local population an appreciation for tradition and their cultural heritage. Mata Ortiz pottery is recognized as some of the finest hand crafted ceramics produced in the world today.

In the mid 1970’s, Juan Quezada and others from Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico launched a new era in Casas Grandes pottery. Inspired by the sherds and other artifacts that they found in this region, they began making pottery using only natural elements.

The El Paso Museum of History invites you to view this exhibition that features many examples of Casas Grandes and Mata Ortiz ceramics from the permanent collections of the El Paso Museum of Archaeology and the El Paso Museum of Art. These art pieces show not only the ancient art of pottery, but also an appreciation of Southwest cultures influenced by Mesoamerica.

The exhibition will remain from February 22, 2019 to September 22. Come visit and enjoy this exhibition at El Paso Museum of History.

The Changing Pass

The Changing Pass

A traditional, chronological journey through major events and influences that have shaped El Paso into the city we experience today. The cannon (foreground) is from the Mexican Revolution period, around 1910. The ox-cart was used to haul goods along the Camino Real (King's Road) reaching from Santa Fe, NM to Mexico City.

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