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Group Tours

Group Tours

All community and school groups are welcome to visit the El Paso Museum of History to experience the history and culture of our region known as the Pass of the North. The museum tours offer age-appropriate, in-depth overviews of the museum’s exhibits and bring the past alive for students as they experience history through object-based learning.

Tours are available to groups:

  • 10 to 60 people 
  • Guided tours are generally an hour and are available to groups who plan to stay longer than 30 minutes.
  • Tours may cover a wide variety of topics, including history, science, and technology

Schedule a group tour

To schedule a group tour please complete this application.  this application also contains a goals information form which you may or may not use.  School tours with specific objectives please fill this part out.

Please send forms to or fax to (915) 212-0321.

Large groups or Special Subject areas

K-3: Communities; Exhibit: Neighborhoods and Shared Communities or The Changing Pass

K.3AB, K.4AC, K.5AB, K.6AC, K.7AB, K.13BC, K.14AB, K.15A
1.3A, 1.5B, 1.6ABC, 1.8AB, 1.16ABC, 1.17ABC, 1.18A
2.2AB, 2.6BC, 2.7ACD, 2.8A, 2.15AB, 2.17AB, 2.18B, 2.19A
3.1AC, 3.2ABC, 3.3AC, 3.4A-C, 3.18A

3-5: A look at the West through art and history (Visit both EPMA and EPMH)

Grade 3
Social Studies; 3.1AC, 3.2BC, 3.3ABC, 3.4ABC, 3.5A, 3.15AB, 3.17C, 3.18ABC
Science; 3.7 CD, 3.9A
ELAR; 3.10, 3.16AB

Grade 4
Social Studies; 4.4BCD, 4.5A, 4.6AB, 4.7ABC, 4.8ABC, 4.9AB, 4.10AB, 4.19A, 4.21B ELAR; 4.14B, 4.28

Grade 5
Social Studies; 5.4DFG, 5.7B, 5.8ABC, 5.9AB, 5.13ABC, 5.21B, 5.22BC, 5.23BC, 5.24ABC, 5.25A-E
Science; 5.2D, 5.7D, 5.9A
ELAR; 5, 5.27A

Contact information
El Paso Museum of History: or fax to (915) 212-0321

El Paso Museum of Art: Curator of Education, or (915) 212-3056

WWII and the Holocaust (Visit both the History and Holocaust Museum)

Grade 7
Social Studies; 7.1A, 7.7AE, 7.11AB, 7.20CDE, 7.21ABCFH, 7.22A, 7.23A
ELAR; 7.26ABC, 7.27, 7.28

Grade 9
Social Studies; 9.7DEG, 9.17A, 9.27B, 9.29ABCH

Contact information
El Paso Museum of History: or fax to (915) 212-0321

The El Paso Holocaust Museum: (915) 351-0048 or 

Additional information

Confirmation: A written confirmation will be emailed to you confirming your reservation.

Late Arrivals or Cancellations: Please notify the Museum immediately of any change to your arrival time. We rely on volunteers to aide in the facilitation of tours, their time is limited. If you arrive more than 20 minutes late and have not notified the Museum, volunteers may have been released. You may still visit the Museum on a self-guided basis.

Lunch: Lunches may be available in nearby outdoor public areas. 

Bus Drop Off: On Franklin St. between the Library and Museum.

Fees: The El Paso Museum of History is free and open to the public. Special exhibits may have an admission fee which will be posted. 

Museum Gift Shop: The gift shop will not be included in the tour unless requested beforehand.

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