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Scout Programs

Scout Programs

The El Paso Museum of History is now offering Cub and Boy Scout programming. Whether you are interested in visiting and would like a scavenger hunt for your pack or a guided tour or schedule a program we have it.

Museum entrance and guided tours are always free. If you are interested in scheduling a guided tour please visit:

  • Fees are $19 not-yet member/$15 member/$17 City employee per scout
  • Minimum of 5 students with a maximum of 15


Tiger Scouts: Tiger Tales
Our past is exciting and important to understand. Tiger Tales offers the opportunity for Tigers to hear, sing, play and create stories, art and songs that tell the history of America.

Wolf Scouts: Collections and Hobbies
A Collection is a group of objects that are similar or are special in some way. A collection could be anything from paintings to rocks. This program will show to look at different collections, care for them and display them.

*If there are scouts that have a collection please have them bring in a small sample of their collection to share. If those items are too large they may bring in photographs.

Wolf Scouts: Finding Your Way
Learning to read and use a map and a compass is a valuable skill. In this adventure, Scouts will receive an introduction to maps, symbols,the cardinal directions, as well as learning how to use a compass.

Boy Scouts: Collections-Merit Badge
A collection could be anything from paintings to baseball cards. A collector educates himself about his interest or collection. He must be able to be able to organize, educate, and care for his collection. 

*To participate in this activity please have scouts be ready to talk about their collection, Prepare and bring in a brief outline giving a detailed description of collection, including a short history. As well as why you chose that particular type of collecting and what you enjoy and have learned from your collection.
** Please bring in a sample of your collection between 3-5 objects. If they are too large or have many more you may bring in photographs.

For more information, or to register, contact:
T: (915) 212-3163

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