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The El Paso Museum of History has a variety of resources for your students, class and school.  Please browse through this section to see all we have to offer.  

The Changing Pass
K-3rd grade: Communities
K.3AB, K.4AC, K.5AB, K.6AC, K.7AB, K.13BC, K.14AB, K.15A
1.3A, 1.5B, 1.6ABC, 1.8AB, 1.16ABC, 1.17ABC, 1.18A
2.2AB, 2.6BC, 2.7ACD, 2.8A, 2.15AB, 2.17AB, 2.18B, 2.19A
3.1AC, 3.2ABC, 3.3AC, 3.4A-C, 3.18A

4th grade: Texas history
4.2A-E, 4.3ADE, 4.4A-D, 4.8ABC, 4.10B, 4.12B-E, 4.13ABC, 4.14B, 4.21A-E, 4.22ABC

5th grade: 19th C.
5.1A, 5.4CDF, 5.12AB, 5.13A, 5.23AB, 5.24ABC

7th grade: Texas history
7.1ABC, 7.4C, 7.6A-D, 7.8B, 7.11AB, 7.12ABC, 7.19C

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