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Changing Pass: People, Land & Memory

 Permanent Signature Exhibit

Changing Pass Exhibit

Changing Pass, the permanent installation at EPMH, marks a new chapter for the institution. While Changing Pass is not technically a new exhibit for the museum, the approach to its curation and narrative are reflective of EPMH’s new direction and leadership. 

For many, Changing Pass is their first introduction to El Paso history. The exhibit serves as a learning tool for classrooms and organizations throughout the area as well as an attraction for those visiting from out of town. In its new location on the first floor gallery, Changing Pass immediately greets visitors who walk through the door, inviting them to explore and reconsider what the borderlands are all about.

Covering more than 400 years of El Paso del Norte region history, Changing Pass begins with early Indigenous settlers and concludes with ASARCO in the 20th century. As visitors move through different exhibits, they are invited to explore how the El Paso del Norte area, along both sides of the Mexico-United States border, has been defined not only by the unique Chihuahuan desert but by the different groups, countries, and empires who sought to control it. New artifacts, interactive displays, and text panels encourage guests to examine how El Paso’s political, economic, social, environmental, cultural, and religious past has evolved across centuries.

Powerhouse of the Southwest:  120 years of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce

October 11, 2019 - March 15, 2020

Powerhouse of the Southwest Exhibit

Powerhouse of the Southwest: 120 Years of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce is part of EPMH’s exhibition series Wall of Giants, a multi-year project that has highlighted influential organizations within the El Paso region. 

The latest EPMH exhibit will focus on major milestones in the El Paso Chamber of Commerce’s history like its founding in 1900 and the Chamber’s role in establishing the star on the mountain. The exhibit will also draw attention to the Chamber’s role in local and national history, like the meeting between American President William Howard Taft and Mexican President Porfirio Diaz in 1909 that took place inside the Chamber. 

Pasos Urbanos: A Photographic Narrative of Borderlands Downtown Culture

November 15, 2019 - April 12, 2020

Pasos Urbanos Exhibit

Pasos Urbanos is composed of selected images from local photographers over the age of 18 currently residing within 150 miles of Downtown El Paso, including Ciudad Juarez. Earlier in August, EPMH put out a call for photography asking applicants to capture the vibrant culture and new developments that make Downtown an exciting, dynamic space. The binational component is meant to strengthen the relationship between the two sister cities, celebrating a shared past, present, and future. 

Close to 500 images were submitted epitomizing downtown culture. Of the 98 photographers who submitted their work, 38 will have their images featured in Pasos Urbanos with 53 photographs chosen. The photographs were selected by a panel of community art administrators and two notable photographers from El Paso and Juarez. 

Tracks Across The Desert: More Than 100 Years Of Railroad in El Paso

January 23, 2020 - June 14, 2020

Tracks Across the Desert

Beginning with the chartering of the Rio Grande and El Paso Railroad company in 1880, Tracks Across The Desert explores the role the railroad played in shaping El Paso’s economy, technology, and society as it transformed the United States. In addition to displaying local historic artifacts, the exhibit also features an electric train model, a kids’ depot play-area with trainsets, and a flipbook album featuring historic photographs.

Etchings by Steve Edwards

COMING SOON!  March 19, 2020 - May 3, 2020

Etchings by Steve Edwards

The exhibition features works by local artist and printmaker Steve ‘Estéban’ Edwards. The collection is a generous donation to the El Paso Museum of History by Jim Singleton on behalf of the estate of his late wife, Mrs. Maureen Ponce Singleton, an enthusiastic collector of Edwards’ works and advocate for the arts, culture, and history. 

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