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South El Paso St.: Broadway of the Southwest

http:July 21, 2017

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From 1880 to 1930, South El Paso Street was lined with businesses from Pioneer Plaza to Fifth Street.  Among these storefronts were several theaters, featuring everything from boxing matches to opera to Edison’s moving pictures.  Over the years, at least eighteen addresses on South El Paso Street were listed as theater sites, contributing to its nickname as the “Broadway of the Southwest.” 

To view a virtual tour of S. El Paso Street, click on the image of the StoryMap.


July 27, 6pm  
Tour: South El Paso St.

August 4, 12pm
High Noon Talk: Chas. A. Pryor and the El Paso Feature Film Company

August 8, 12pm
Gallery Talk: South El Paso St.: Broadway of the Southwest

August 10, 6pm
Talk: Legacy of the Calderon Family 

August 11, 12pm
High Noon Talk: A virtual journey of South El Paso St.

August 12, 1:30pm
Gallery Talk: South El Paso St.: Broadway of the Southwest 

August 12, 2-4pm
Family Days: Acting Out: Plays and Movies

August 22, 12pm
Tour: Plaza Theatre

August 31, 6pm
Tour: South El Paso St.

September 28, 6pm
Tour: South El Paso St.

~ To schedule group tours for this exhibit please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator, Jaime Knoedler at or 915.212.3163 or you may fill out the tour application at ~

El Paso A to Z

December 24, 2016

El Paso A to Z encompasses all the letters in both the English and Spanish alphabet.  Objects and images used thought this exhibit can have multiple homes and will often not make sense at first.  Artifacts such as a dance costume loaned to us by Mrs. Rosa Guerrero, a taxidermied 'bear,' the Amigo Man sign from the 1950'. As well as never seen before objects like the, Mexican Revolution Movie Poster that is newly remounted and framed.  

Neighborhoods and Shared Memories


Neighborhood and shared memories

Neighborhoods and Shared Memories is composed of cherished photographs, personal mementos and keepsakes from past and present residents of Chihuahuita and El Segundo Barrio. The exhibit is scheduled to feature a new set of neighborhoods every few years. It seeks to preserve, interpret, and increase an appreciation for neighborhood-based history.

To view more information on this exhibit please visit; History Embedded in Neighborhoods

The Changing Pass


The Changing Pass

A traditional, chronological journey through major events and influences that have shaped El Paso into the city we experience today. The cannon (foreground) is from the Mexican Revolution period, around 1910. The ox-cart was used to haul goods along the Camino Real (King's Road) reaching from Santa Fe, NM to Mexico City.

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